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Workout Shoe

Surviving Cohvid19

Business as we know and function needs to be more minimalistic. Pre-orders will be the way forward. All orders will be personalised to the specified request. Thank you for your support thus far.

  1. Before paying check our step by step Pre-order Assist.

  2. 1st check your size - Shoe Size Assist.

  3. 2nd view - Pre-order Assist - to order.

  4. 3rd place order - Shop Online.

  5. 4th Only pay once we confirm the availability of the order.

  6. A reply email will confirm your request.

  7. Then payment can be made. 

  8. PS: No cash refunds, we do an exchange
    (terms & conditions apply)


Screenshot 2020-08-08 09.47.11.png
Screenshot 2020-08-08 09.49.08.png
The Evolved
DaFu Shoe





20 Lower Burg Street, The Landing 503, Cape Town

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