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I move my creativity by remaining grounded and connected. Balanced health is a Life-Style.

Apr 8

Creativity moves me. I Jump With Validation. My Perspective. My Journey. My Destination. The era of the Afro/Asia Feiyue phenomena has arisen The brand Feiyue is unique in its origins and its applicat
Mar 27

So many younger people look so much older than what they are; both physically and mentally. They are getting old persons diseases. Young is the new old. Qigong ensures you are not prone to old person
Apr 8

Feiyue is a popular sneaker brand that originated in Shanghai in the 1920's. They are very popular in the street fashion scene, as well as being a top choice for martial artists for their lightweight
Mar 27

An idea or a concept starts with design origination in the form of a sketch or a layout. Certain steps are needed in order to arrive at a final concept. Presentation Medium. Before a concept can

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