I don't like to think of Feiyue's as cheap. I think of them more as sane. Feiyue Martial Arts shoes have a simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole. The tread is perfect for all styles of movement, providing maximum traction for ultimate performance.

Feiyue Martial Arts shoes was the original Shaolin shoe. I will say this - Feiyue shoes are the most popular among Shaolin practitioners today. Every martial artist or movement artist should try a pair of Feiyue shoes. It's not like they're prohibitively expensive and its' the only way you'll know why all the rest of us wear them.


You can easily buy several pairs of Feiyue shoes for the price of a single pair of most other movement shoe. And the Feiyue shoes might last just as long, if not longer! Try a pair today. You'll discover why hundreds of thousands of movement creatives are choosing to wear Feiyue Martial Arts shoes for their practice! Our sizes cater to Kids & Adults sizes.


20 Lower Burg Street, The Landing 503, Cape Town

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